About us


BIA BORO BAMBOO UNDERWEAR is made for those who live a colourful life and embody an original style. Each collection is infused with story: the destination and adventure is yours to fill with luxurious fabrics, bohemian detailing, and intricate craftsmanship.

The design concept is a fusion of mismatched patterned fabrics and unique cuts that hug your curves and lift your spirit. The pieces draw on musings of travel and diverse cultures spun together to create a sense of adventure in the wearer’s mind. Impressive craftsmanship is evident in our collections as each of the garments has been hand cut and intricately handmade, weaving a sense of uniqueness into the overall offering of the collection.  

We use sustainable bamboo fabric in our product offerings. Bamboo is soft as cashmere and durable for everyday underwear. In addition to unparalleled comfort bamboo boasts unique properties such as anti-bacterial (odourless), moisture wicking, breathable, and thermo-regulating.

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